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Impressionism: More Than Meets the Eye
By John Crowther, Contributing Editor

We've all heard of Impressionism, and maybe associate it with the works of Monet and Renoir. But most people use the term without a solid understanding of the movement. In this informative article, our custom book report writer on explains that the Impressionists were the equivalent of indie filmmakers today struggling against the studio system. [article]
Figure Drawing Factory
The human form has captured the interest of artists for centuries, and the tradition is alive and well in the Internet age. Figure Drawing Factory is a community of artists and models who collaborate online.[article]

Hidden Miniatures and Faces in Renaissance and Impressionist Paintings
by Svend Erik Hendriksen
Greenland Art Research (GLAR)
Svend Erik Hendriksen, an art researcher in Greenland, has discovered something new about the old masters. In his research, he has identified numerous hidden images within the works of such artists as Cézanne, Gaugin, and Titian. These hidden images include portraits, self-portraits, and other images unrelated to the larger compositions. In one painting, he discovered that the clouds and sky are actually a map of a series of islands. Hendriksen theorizes that the purpose of these hidden objects is a form of copy protection. [article]