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Inner Searching

Aletheia Rio lives in The Philippines. Much of her art has a surrealist flavor, and often includes human figures. In this interview she tells about a collaborative surrealist art form called Exquisite Corpse, in addition to sharing her perspective on art. [interview]

So Much to Draw.
So Little Time.

When describing Philip Kinzli's style, the term photorealism comes to mind, although his hand drawn artwork has so much more soul than a photograph. Whether he is rendering the fine details of a still life, or the likeness of a person, he is the kind of artist who makes you wonder, "how does he do that?" [interview]

Breaking Free
Paul Barlow's passion is surrealism. When I first saw his artwork, I was impressed with the sophistication of it. Then I was amazed to learn that he is only 16 years old. [interview]
To Thyself Be True
Dee Overly is an artist with many creative outlets. Her current emphasis is pen and ink figure drawings with watercolor wash, but her talents also include whittling and making neon signs. [interview]
The Beauty and Pleasures of Life
Dorothy Wagner designed products for Frigidaire and Buick during her career at General Motors. She is now directing her creative talents toward watercolor and oil painting. [interview]

Mystical Clouds
Martin Jonsson is an artist from Sweden. He paints surrealism, often featuring clouds and human figures. [interview]

Every Day is Like Christmas
Art Krummel has described his career as a newspaper illustrator and art director as being "like Christmas morning" every day. Having taken early retirement, he is now pursuing his life-long dream of being an oil painter. One might reasonably conclude that Norman Rockwell has been a major inspiration; he's mentioned six times in the interview. [interview]
Creative Spirit
Stephanie Forbes is a talented oil painter. She has done many portrait commissions, and her floral paintings are sold in art galleries. In this interview, Stephanie tells us about her spiritual paintings, and the satisfaction she feels when her work connects with a viewer's soul. [interview]

Unleashing Her Dreams
An Interview with I.T. Hammar

I.T. Hammar is a 17-year old Norwegian artist whose vision and skill are way beyond her years. She's a prolific painter, overflowing with ideas for figurative and surrealist works. Learn how she got started and what makes her tick as she shares her perspective in this interview. [interview]

The Role of an Artist 
John Crowther has a background in both the visual and performing arts. In this philosphical and thought-provoking interview he talks about what it means to be an artist, both in general and for himself personally. [interview]
Art is the Truth
Joseph Larkin is a skilled draftsman and painter whose works are rich in symbolism and allegory. His compositions are sometimes surreal, sometimes humorous, and very often thought-provoking. In this interview, Joseph shares his perspective, giving us a deeper understanding of his art.
Fastest Draw in the East
If a master of his craft is one who can make a complex task look simple, then Brian Bednarek is a master of figure drawing. His style is scribbly, but far from sloppy. His drawings demonstrate enviable skills in rendering anatomy and blending color, and he has a looseness that many artists strive for. Most impressively, he can do all that in five to ten minutes. [interview]
Patterns of Déjà Vu
Felix Eddy speaks of capturing déjà vu moments, and she explains the interesting background patterns which are a frequent element of her paintings. Her passion is realism, and she discusses her struggle with the emphasis on abstraction and deep meaning that she encountered from some university art teachers.

The Other Side of the Canvas
David R. Quammen is an art model, founder of the Figure Models Guild of Washington DC, and a co-director of MOCA DC/A+M Galleries. Artist-Perspectives has profiled a number of artists; in this interview David offers a perspective from the other side of the canvas. [interview]

Vision of a Colorblind Artist
Royce Deans is an accomplished artist whose work has appeared in American Artist magazine. His paintings grace the walls of McDonald's restaurants around the world, but his passion is painting the human figure. This interview includes a crime drama, music, and plenty of food. What more could one ask for? [interview]

The Process is the Art
Douglas Pexa is a prolific artist with a mix of figurative and abstract styles. He talks about art as a process, and offers us an insider's perspective on how an artist views art, giving us the means to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the artwork and artists we admire.
The Perpetual Student
A self-described perpetual student, Virginia Tupper is a portrait artist who is currently specializing in a style called Circulism using colored pencil. She has also studied animation and has had her work broadcast on Canadian television. [interview]
The more I paint, the more I leave unpainted
Antoine de Villiers grew up in South Africa, spent some time living in the United Kingdom, and subsequently moved the USA. She is a prolific painter with an elegant style. [interview]

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